Easy and powerful

We use a self-made web interface called wcenter. wcenter is written entirely in Python using Django and allows you to manage your system users, domains, ports, SSL certificates, e-mail addresses and forwardings. It also comes with a gorgeous Django installer.


Create an unlimited number of domains. DNS records can be managed both automatically and manually using our dynamic editing interface.

System users

Create, modify and delete your system users. Don't have any space available on your account? No problem, simply upgrade it within wcenter. Of course, downgrades are possible as well.


Specify which websites you want to redirect to your nginx web server and set up HTTP proxies to custom local ports, e.g. for a Django development server. PHP sites hosted on Apache can also be added.


We offer an advanced interface to set up e-mail accounts and forwardings. You can customize the spam filter by adding optional blacklists or by enabling greylisting.

... and much more

Here are just a few more features of our web interface: Specify multiple technical contacts per product, so other users can manage your system users or domains. If you need support, you can use our built-in ticket system.