Django installer

One click to install

Our Django 1-click installer is very easy to use. Just press the button and let the Django installer do everything for you. Instantly, you get a full Django environment running on your domain.
The Django installer allows you to specify the Django version, the project name and the address of your website. You can also choose to automatically create a MySQL or PostgreSQL database and an admin user.

What does it do?

  • nginx is set up and configured, if you haven't done this already.
  • A local port for the development server is set up, which allows you to access the development server on the dev. subdomain of your domain.
  • Your domain is set up to be redirected to your nginx. This includes DNS configuration.
  • A Django installation from git is copied into your home directory and your project directory is created.
  • Start scripts for both the development and deployment configuration are created.
  • A MySQL or PostgreSQL database is automatically set up for you. This includes the creation of a Django admin user.
  • Your Django site is online immediately. You can start your website development right away.
  • You get an e-mail with all the important details about your new Django site.